So you are smitten? And that too head over heels? And you want to find out how compatible you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend or that secret crush! Plucking petals of a flower is a passé. Welcome to the age of technology – here you can leave this task on the Love Calculator and it will give you your report in a matter of few seconds. All you need is to provide the couple’s names.

The Love Meter does an analysis on the basis of etymology – the science of words. It calculates the elements contained in the two names and comes up with a detailed analysis which will help you to understand how compatible the couple is. However, remember that making a relationship work depends on the two people and how deeply they care for each other – when the attachment is sincere, a relationship is bound to overcome obstacles, if any. A friendly tip for successful relationship: keep communication open at all times.

Here is an analysis of the parameters that our free Love Calculator results provide you to help you comprehend where your relationship stands. Once again, keep in mind that you should take these readings sportingly – what a relationship requires to stand the test of time goes deeper than readings of any Love Meter.

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